“Our Father’s Heart is a non-denominational charismatic ministry birthed by the Holy Spirit. We stand in faith to see many lives restored and set free from the oppression and captivity of satan. Our Father’s Heart is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, para-church organization.Neil and Norma Tilton are ordained ministers through Breath of God International”



The Word of God is quick,
powerful and sharper
than any two edged sword.
It’s a FIRE to refine
A MIRROR to reflect
A LAMP to guide
FOOD to nourish
FAITH to believe for healing and miracles
I am what it says I am
I have what it says I have
It will not return unto God void
But will accomplish what HE pleases!


Our Father’s Heart is a CATALYST IN THIS REGION to demonstrate God's presence and power  in healing and the release of many captives.  We proclaim God's word in power and anointing and are sounding a WAKE-UP CALL to the Body of Christ in these perilous times to radically abandon themselves more to God's purposes. Many, including pastors and leaders, will come to drink from this spiritual watering fountain.

We deliberately CONNECT AND LINK with other pastors, leaders and intercessors to encourage and cooperate with them in raising the level of prayer in this region. We equip and empower others to become strong leaders.

In the compassion of Jesus, Our Father’s Heart extends an ARM OF BENEVOLENCE to the poor, hurting and homeless.

We are FORERUNNERS paving the way by leading a county-wide healthy marriage initiative to strengthen marriages and prepare singles for marriage.  We STAND IN FAITH for the healing and restoration of marriages.


  • Loving & Knowing God
  • Utter Dependency on God
  • Seeking First God’s Kingdom
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Wake-Up Call/ Prophetic Word to the Body
  • Building Relationships: Discipleship
    and Personal Contact/ Care
  • Healing & Restoration of Lives & Marriages
  • Marriage Strengthening & Preparation
Our Mission Statement:

Our Father’s Heart is a caring, compassionate ministry for the physical, emotional, spiritual healing, and restoration of lives. We proclaim freedom for the captives (people who are hurting or in need of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior) through the preaching/teaching of God’s Word with miraculous signs following by the power of the Holy Spirit, counseling, benevolence and relationship skills training. This ministry will also serve as a conduit for the preparation, strengthening, and restoration of marriages and relationships through the ministry of Our Father's Heart, Marriage Works MD.