Pastoral Counseling

Provided by: Norma Tilton, Servant Leadership

Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes each
for a cost of $65.00 per session for a total of $390 for six sessions.
A small investments that will reap great dividends.

Sessions are held at:
313 Fords Lane
Aberdeen, MD 21001

To set up your coaching sessions contact:
Norma Tilton at 410-652-7637 or e-mail to

Norma Tilton is a Marriage Educator, Counselor/Coach, and Motivational Speaker.
She has worked for 17 years as a Management Consultant and Trainer in her own business,
Servant Leadership. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.
She and her husband, Neil, have a passion to help couples have healthy, growing relationships.
For more information, contact them at

Marriage Counseling

  • Enrich Marital Assessment

    Getting the help you need is so very important. Don’t wait until too much damage has been done to reach out for help. A few counseling sessions could make a BIG difference in your relationship. Counseling is biblically based with dependence on God for HIS wisdom, insight and discretion in the specific issue addressed. Many couples have seen God heal their marriages when they are guided through the necessary stepsand take responsibility for their part.

    The PREPARE premarital and ENRICH marital assessments are
    specifically designed with the following goals in mind:

    • Explore your Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas
    • Strengthen your communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening
    • Resolve conflicts through use of the Ten Steps procedure
    • Explore your relationship and family-of-origin issues
    • Develop a budget and financial plan
    • Develop your personal, couple and family goals

  • Marriage Relationship Coaching - Six Sessions

    Research has proven that selection of a mate and skills training are critical to the success of any marriage. The PREPARE Assessment is an excellent tool to assess a couple’s strengths and need for growth in ten specific areas. Premarital counseling covers the topics of communication, expectations, personality profiles assessment, finances and fair versus dirty fighting.

      • Reason for appointment/problem areas
      • History of relationship
      • Assessment of strengths and growth areas

    • Second Session — HIS NEEDS/HER NEEDS
      • Key needs of men and women in relationships
      • Exercise to determine the needs of each spouse
      • Marriage Rituals

    • Third Session — PERSONALITY PROFILES
      • Personality profile and assessment with explanations
      • How to cope with your differences
      • Acceptance exercise

    • Fourth Session — COMMUNICATION
      • Unraveling the puzzle of communication between the sexes
      • Empathic listening and sharing

      • Dr. Gottman’s four horses of the Apocalypse
      • Dirty fighting techniques versus fair fighting
      • Steps to fair fighting

    • Sixth Session — REVIEW AND ASSESSMEN
      • Review sessions and outcomes/progress
      • Recommendations for couple to implement

  • Training and Seminars

    • Interactive seminars that include exercises, sharing and pertinent video clips are offered to churches and organizations.
      • Increasing Emotional & Spiritual Intimacy
      • The Challenge of Communication
      • Personality Differences in Marriage
      • The Five Love Languages
      • Fair Fighting in Relationships
      • Divorce Proofing Your Marriage
      • Being Intentional About Your Marriage   


Pastor Jason Evans, Riverside Community Church - four weeks of marriage and relationship building seminars that Marriage Works did at his church in July 2014. We have done training in his church for three years in a row.

Pastor Allan Gorman, Harford Community Church -
a marriage advocate that highly esteems Norma Tilton, President of Marriage Works of MD, and her organization.

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